Planners & Developers

The North Queensland Gas Pipeline was designed, constructed and is operated in accordance with a suite of Australian Standards (AS 2885 Pipelines − gas and liquid petroleum). This ensures the safety and integrity of the pipeline throughout its operational life. The original design was based on the existing and foreseeable land use at the time of construction.

NQGP recognises that land use change is inevitable during the life of the pipeline and constantly seeks to engage with relevant parties to ensure we are aware of changes near our pipeline. Planners and developers considering works near pipelines also play a vital role in ensuring the continuing safety of the community though the following actions:

  • Identifying the presence of pipelines early during the planning stages of land use changes, development applications and projects
  • Contacting us early to discuss what requirements may apply to such applications

NQGP seeks to assist councils, planners and developers in this area and welcome any enquiries or discussion.

Regulatory requirements such as the P&G act may also apply.

Planners and Developers are encouraged to utilise the DBYD service early in the development phase to ensure all utility operators are captured during planning.